Symptoms and diagnosis of lumbar compression fracture

The word compression indicates fracture of lumbar vertebrae due to excessive pressure on bone which collapses if weak. When Lumber compression fracture  is due to forceful injury, pain is felt in back, legs and arms besides weakness and numbness of these areas. Thinning of bone, as in osteoporosis, may causes gradual bone collapse and patient might feel mild pain.

Before deciding treatment plan, doctors take history and conduct physical examinations. Unusual tenderness allows doctor to narrow down cause of pain. In case of suspected lumber compression fracture, X-ray of lumber region of spine or CAT scan help make sure that fracture is stable and ascertain danger to nerve  due to fracture. Vertebral fracture is also diagnosed with MRI and nuclear bone scan Specialist Pain International (SPI) is fully equipped with latest equipments and clinicians to treat to lumber compression fracture.